Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain may Cork, bassoon and Paralympics.
Inadequate respiratory tract
Restlessness, fatigue
Palpitations, sweating

Patients with ischemic heart disease to the doctor when.
For those with the disease, the risk of heart disease and ischemic heart disease is. You may have noticed that if it reaches a certain level, it will have a chest. Stay a moment was lost to MM without ingesting medication under the tongue. If your chest pain following changes need to see a doctor.

•    Chest pain at rest
•    Hurt each time may be longer than usual pain for up to 20 minutes.
•    Pain is much older than
•    I sweat
•    Pain and fainting or blackouts
•    With medication under the tongue, no pain or requires frequent repair
•    Symptoms of heart failure, heart attack reading
•    If you have such symptoms should see a doctor.

For those who have never been before, chest pain, chest pain, if only the loaded center of chest and may be a fracture to the arm or neck pain. Although it lost out you need to see a doctor and will have to stay in the hospital for examination.

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