Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Health Compare To Male or Female

OPINION: Male or female wolf finally let's bury the hatchet
Let's be honest and admit that one of the worst enemies of women we are women

Compete together, we are waging psychological warfare and feel about them proclaim that do not stand for anything.

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Admired star chooses who will be her favorite, and will be for a few days outcast.
When the brothers Grimm wrote fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, was unpleasant mistake, which for centuries no one noticed. Girl swallow hungry wolf, but the wolf.

Wolf would not bother with inventing ingenious loops, let alone stayed changing event for her grandmother. This wolf riding Hood who envied her velvet hat and a cute little face, she knew how artfully a little girl turn.

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Twisted sisterhood
It would be a nice idea that women among us there is something like an alliance or feminine power, which makes pull together, we break down stereotypes, proudly defend femininity, we help you ...

Depending on how you are to each other but I can behave maliciously, nothing like that probably does not exist.

Maybe men unnecessarily invent patriarchy, in which women settled on three stairs below him.

We leave it to us - some we managed the stairs, my sister, 'with a wicked grin to kick you down.

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