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Kyle Leon Review

The Basic Rules Of Weight Loss
Kyle Leon Review Eat to 5000Kj. 80% of women and men at this level and lose weight while suffering feelings of hunger and lack of essential nutrients.

Write down what you eat on a regular basis to the answering machine. Before the food you eat, weigh it and figure out portion size.

Portions should not exceed 1400 kJ, 800 kJ portions evening. If you put a larger portion, such as a normal serving of spaghetti with cream and meat or pizza, which is approximately 3500 kJ, the body is forced to kJ, which is able to quickly burn stored fat reserves.

Limit your intake of fats. Beware of hidden fat intake in foods, such as coconut, nuts, yogurt, cream, cheese, etc.
Make sure that the diet in sufficient amounts of protein. Protein can be obtained, for example meat, preferably turkey, chicken, fish, beef less suitable.

At least suitable further curd (sweet curd, cottage cheese, regular baths cottage cheese), tofu cheese, beans Sufficient amount of protein in the diet helps to release fat from fat stores in the cell.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Vegetables for weight reduction preferable in fruits, even when healthy, we can take a lot kJ. E.g.

Banana contains 600kJ, which is more than one roll. Peach has an average 500KJ.
After excessive contumacy fruit in summer you can also easily gain weight.

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