Friday, 26 July 2013

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Type of food that help you loose weight
So depending on what type of food you give, the period of time from dinner to sleep, not be longer than two to three hours," adds Pert Havelock

Dinner should be easily digestible and it has to be less fat than the morning or at noon.
While having dinner ... just meat with vegetables

Again Side body of energy and nutrients Carbohydrates that are injected into the body in the form of attachments, will power the central nervous system.

 He regenerates at night and needed fuel supply - again relationship quality sleep and weight loss.
Therefore, annex evening, yes, but watch what carbohydrates injected into the body (the cake is a good choice) and in what quantities.

Evening ... when I go to practice and then eat
It is part of the strategy: burn calories at the gym and then I will not touch food again to not have taken (a). But at that moment the body goes to sleep exhausted.

"Not later than half an hour before exercise to give a light snack and then dinner.
If you have a problem with that between dinner and sleep is less than three hours, choose something light, like salad," says trainer.

... When we underestimate drinks
How much you should drink it during the day, there is a simple formula: for every 10 kg of body weight accounts for three ounces of fluid Related Page

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